What Else 2017, Week 5


Writing Stuff

A Round of Words in 80 Days is back on the non-Facebook side of the web. I gave it a go on Facebook, but that’s just not the place for me for this kind of thing. So, a big Thank You! to  Eden Mabee for getting things going again at the blog.

Belatedly, my goal for this quarter is to add 4,000 words/week to my main manuscript.

I did not hit that goal this week, but I did better than last week. I added 2457 words to Wicked Witch, Retired and rewrote 1932 words.

ROW80LogocopyA Round of Words in 80 Days

The #FictFri prompt was “space/confine.”

Blogging Stuff

Only two posts this week:

My Deal Me In story this week didn’t inspire any organized thoughts.

Fitness Stuff

Played B leagues games of ultimate frisbee on Tuesday and Thursday nights and then pickup on Friday at noon. The difference between regular league and B league for me is that in regular league, I might not even touch the disc during an entire game. In B league, I actually have a stat line. I’m averaging a score and a D per game!

I’m debating whether I want to get a run in before enjoying an afternoon/evening of watching other people play sports. Also, a Hurt’s Donuts just opened…on my block.

Other Life Stuff

Speaking of league, spring league registration opened on Friday. Stress! Chaos! Currently, we don’t have a league director, but we needed to get things going. Sifting through registrations and payments has taken a good chunk of my time during the last two days.

Lately, I’ve found that any added stress, good or bad, kind of sinks me. I need to get some resilience. Can you buy that in a can?

7 thoughts on “What Else 2017, Week 5

  1. Eden

    You’re welcome… though I did it as much for me as anything. 🙂

    What is a “Deal Me In Story” or #FictFri? (I like the quote, btw.)

    And… we won’t even go into stress. Let’s not deign to honor it with acknowledgement. 😉

      1. Eden

        Oh! Thanks!

        I love the #1LineWed (though I often forget to post at it). That #FictFri sounds like a lot of fun to add to the batch.

  2. Fallon

    Good job on the words this week, even if it wasn’t quite as much as you wanted. Any progress is good progress as far as I’m concerned. 🙂

  3. Beth Camp

    Why is it that ‘real life’ always intercedes with the writing life? I laughed a little out loud after all that lovely summary of sports to find a new doughnut shop open right on your block! Excellent progress despite not quite making the word count. Maybe 4,000 words/week sounds achievable to you. I can’t even imagine writing that many new words. So, persevere. Is this a new story with the plot lines inviting you in? Thank you also for including those twitter tags. I tweet even less than I use FB but that weekly prompt looks interesting.


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