What Else 2017, Week 8


Good Stuff

Just in case you’ve forgotten that Christoper Walken was in a music video (for a song with a Dune reference):

Writing Stuff

Added 2621 words to Wicked Witch, Retired and started a rewrite section. I was a bit unsure about my next few steps going forward, but a day off let my brain work on it. Still, didn’t get as much rewriting done as I needed to.

ROW80LogocopyHop over to check out more #ROW80 authors.

Blogging Stuff

In general this week, I decided not to worry about blogging. I thought about posting a round up of the books I’ve been DNFing lately, but I didn’t have the heart. Things are looking up on the reading front, though.

Fitness Stuff

Went for a 5K run last Monday. My time was okay for not having done a run of that length in probably over a month. No ultimate league this past week, but we played pickup on Wednesday and Friday. As some point during the game on Friday, Jody and I both decided we were going to play. I’d like to say I held my own, but I’m not sure that was the truth.

Other Life Stuff

Still working on how much news is too much news. I feel like I should stay informed, but some days are harder than others.

3 thoughts on “What Else 2017, Week 8

  1. Eden

    Anyone doing a 5K run at this time of the year has my total respect… It’s too cold to be running outside, way too cold. 🙂

    And rewriting! Oh, my how challenging that can be. I’m rather caught in that arena right now too, so you have my definite sympathies, Katherine.


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