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Writing Update, 9/6

The above is actually not from Wicked Witch, Retired, but from one of the David Abbott mysteries that are currently on my back burner. The #TerraTues theme was “magic,” but I haven’t yet used the word in WWR even though its genre is fantasy. Instead, the magical force in that universe is called “wunder.” A user of wunder like Agatha, my “wicked witch,” would be called a wunder worker. Progress-wise, I’m done with this half-draft’s rewrite and ready to add story again.

As for Mr. Abbott, I plan to set aside WWR in November and give the in-progress stories a NaNoWriMo treatment. But that’s the carrot urging me on finish a full WWR draft by then.

What is This?
Wicked Witch, Retired is my current writing project. It is the sort-of sequel to a flash story I wrote, “Wicked Witch for Hire,” which is currently available in the anthology Bounded in a Nutshell.

#TerraTues is a Twitter event hosted by @leighmlorien and @summerhwrites. Every Tuesday writers share a line of their current work-in-progress based on a theme.