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Perilous Updates, Week 5


For someone who joined #FrightFall on Sunday, I haven’t done much frightful reading. My eye was turned by a “romance of the mind” involving Nikola Tesla. But, I promise my next few short stories will be suitable. I have a story from Dark Screams: Volume Eight “due” today, a story from The Architecture of Fear for Deal Me In, and I’m thinking about reading some Clive Barker to learn how to properly torment one of the characters I’m writing.

Peril of the Short Story

The October Reading Club is underway at Facebook. This year Craig, the admin, has gone to an every-other-day posting schedule. The first story was by Lovecraft. I skipped it since I’d just read some Lovecraft and he’s not really my bag. The second story was “The Dancing Partner” by Jerome K. Jerome, which I had just read a couple months back.

The third story, I read: “The Voice in the Night” by William Hope Hodgson.

It was a dark, starless night. We were becalmed in the Northern Pacific.

Pretty easy to get me with a sea story, actually. This one has castaways with a twist.

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