NaNoWriMo 2017 – Week 1 Update

What Am I Doing? – Magical Rebellion 2017

Wednesday, 11/1 – Reread “The Sorrowful Seamstress.” I think it’s pretty good. “Word count”: 631

631 / 50000

Thursday, 11/2 – Intended to reread “The Horrid Haunting” before rewriting, but found that I had at sometime in the past (August 2016, if file dates are to be believed) started a serious pick-apart/rewrite. One file had a bunch of notes and crossouts and one file was only 7100 words long. So, I just dove into a rewrite.  Managed to rewrite one chapter.

1243 / 50000

Friday, 11/3 – Been suffering from a flare-up/fatigue since Wednesday afternoon. Blarg. Rewriting on “The Horrid Haunting” continues.

1905 / 50000

Saturday, 11/4 – Caught up to what I had rewritten previously and can see where I was feeling my way along with some plot changes. Things seem clearer now and I think I’ll be adding back in a scene I had cut a couple revs ago.

2816 / 50000

Sunday, 11/5 – I fixed a thing and then took the day off.

2871 / 50000

Monday, 11/6 – Went back to the first version of “The Horrid Haunting” to pick up a detail and a part of a scene that was along the right track (I think).

3284 / 50000

Tuesday, 11/7 – Just chugging along with the rewrite. Would probably be good if I finished it by the end of the week. (Okay, that might be Sunday since Saturday is frisbee league finals.)

3701 / 50000

How am I doing? – Okay, those “word counts” are pretty low. Low word count isn’t the point of NaNo. That’s why I’m a rebel. 😎 But I am fairly pleased with how “The Horrid Haunting” is going. It’s been nice allowing myself to work on this older project.

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