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Writing Update, 12/13

What Am I Working On?
Spent time last week going back over my research notes and realized that an event occurred much earlier in 1915 than I remembered. Therefore, One Ahead #3 needs to be rejiggered. That’s okay; I haven’t been super happy with it anyway. I plan on having a conversation with Eric about it tomorrow.


The Reverend Franklin A. Thomas was a tall man, but he reminded Abbott of Harry Houdini. Both were athletic men, well-built, and extreme in their habits. Rev. Thomas, like Houdini, was an affirmed teetotaler. Lenore Post, Thomas’s secretary, always kept a pot of coffee simmering, but not a drop was taken by her employer. Thomas was even moderate when it came to tobacco.

The differences between the magician and the clergyman were striking as well, beyond the five inches of height. Houdini had given up on Spiritualism years ago and with very good reason. There was scant evidence that mediums were anything but frauds. Rev. Thomas, on the other hand, believed that there was truth in his flavor of the spiritualist religion. But it was in manner, mostly, that Abbott saw the similarity between Rev. Thomas and the world’s most popular doubting magician. They were both zealous men, never shy with their views and tenacious in their aims.

About This WIP
One Ahead is a series of mystery novellas focusing on David P. Abbott, a magician who lived in Omaha, NE at the beginning of the 20th century. Aside from being an accomplished magician, David Abbott was a debunker of fraudulent mediumistic practices. I’ll be delving into the history of Omaha in 1915 as well as visiting some of the magicians, mediums, and skeptics that lived in that era.