2018 TBR Challenge

hosted by Roof Beam Reader

Each of these 12 books must have been on your bookshelf or “To Be Read” list for AT LEAST one full year.

One of the problems with my Shelf Maintenance scheme is that I started it at the end of 2015, which means books before then are getting left on the shelf, as it were. Only three titles from the list below are from 2016, the rest were acquired in 2015 or earlier. There’s a range of genres and formats; hopefully, I will always have something to satisfy my whims.

  1. The Hermit by Monica Friedman
  2. Heaven’s Ditch: God, Gold, and Murder on the Erie Canal by Jack Kelly
  3. God’s War by Kameron Hurley
  4. The Life and Many Deaths of Harry Houdini by Ruth Brandon
  5. …Memoirs and Confessions of a Stage Magician by Don & Joyce Brandon
  6. Eyeing the Flash: The Making of a Carnival Con Artist by Peter Fenton
  7. Gifted by Liz Long
  8. Countdown City by Ben H. Winters
  9. Martin Dressler by Steven Millhauser
  10. The White Castle by Orhan Pamuk
  11. Sunnyside by Glen David Gold
  12.  The Monster In The Mist by Andrew Mayne


  1. The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu
  2. Hunted Under Vegas by Michael W. Layne

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