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Deal Me In, Week 5 ~ “A New Man in Time for Christmas”


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What’s Deal Me In?

“A New Man in Time for Christmas” by Dustin Adams

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The Story
Sometimes, Deal Me In brings coincidences; sometimes, juxtapositions. Today’s story, set at Christmas, comes late enough in the year that all the glitter and tinsel from the holidays has finally been vacuumed up. The weather today reminds me of early April days in Nebraska when the days are sunny, but the nights are still chilly. (After 18 years in AZ, I still don’t quite have a handle of fall/winter/spring.)

This story could, though, be a companion piece to Week 3’s “How to Sync Your Spouse.” Our narrator has ordered a new husband after the previous Brent’s suicide.

They said he’d be exactly like my late husband, only better, after my suggested changes, but this lump of Brent-looking plastic-rubber wasn’t Brent.

In order to gain a new start, our narrator puts Brent in sleep mode and wraps him up for under the Christmas tree. Unfortunately, she begins to wonder if it’s the improvements she’s made that haves caused Brent to be not-Brent.

The Author
You can find Dustin Adams’ bibliography online at his website. It hasn’t been updated in awhile; like so many, writing isn’t his only gig.