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Writing Update, 4/11

Our Past in the Uncanny Valley

How’s It Going?
I’ve ended up with 19 stories by 16 different authors. I finished formatting the stories on Saturday. A good thing too because by about Thursday of last week I had completely run out of formatting juice. I worked on the cover a little last week for a break.

This week: I’ve gathered biographical materials. I’ll start writing introductions of some sort tomorrow.

About This WIP
Our Past in the Uncanny Valley is a collection of automaton stories from 1810-1910. From the E. T. A. Hoffmann’s nightmarish Olimpia to the enigma of the mechanical chess-playing Turk to the plethora of humorous later-century robot maids, these stories show that our current fears about artificial intelligences aren’t new at all.

Wicked Witch, Retired

Wait, you’ve been working on this?
I miss Kelvaro and Agatha and Orther and Hanna and, yes, Horatio the mechanical duck. I’ve been brainstorming some more specific endings during my morning writings. Which got me thinking about some of the narrative’s current weaknesses. So, I’m going to work my way through The Story Toolkit and see if I can tighten up WWR‘s saggy bits.

About This WIP
Wicked Witch, Retired is the sort-of sequel to a flash story I wrote, “Wicked Witch for Hire,” which is currently available in the anthology Bounded in a Nutshell.