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Writing Update, 8/22 ~ Return of the Uncanny Valley

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How’s It Going?

First of all, I’ve put Our Past in the Uncanny Valley up for download for free at Entangled Continua Publishing. No strings attached. It’s available in .mobi, .azk, .epub, and .pdf formats. (Am I missing a format? Let me know, I’ll see what I can do.) If you’re interested in some classic short stories about automata, check it out!

The next thing I’m working on is publishing One Ahead: The Case of the Sorrowful Seamstress. I’m currently giving it an editing pass, next I’ll format it, then give it another edit pass, then make a cover for it, then give it another edit pass. I think I’ll be able to get it up on Amazon by early October.

About This WIP
One Ahead is a series of mystery novellas focusing on David P. Abbott, a magician who lived in Omaha, NE at the beginning of the 20th century. Aside from being an accomplished magician, David Abbott was a debunker of fraudulent mediumistic practices. I’ll be delving into the history of Omaha in 1915 as well as visiting some of the magicians, mediums, and skeptics that lived in that era.