Wrapping September 2018

Wrapping September graphic with pumpkin and cactus
While doing my morning pages today, I wrote, “Well, September was a bust.” But then I actually thought about it. The summer heat that lasted well past the equinox must have made me soft in the head. September was a really a pretty good month!


  • Books Finished: 4
  • Books DNFed: None! This is the first month in 2018 that I didn’t DNF a book. I did stick with a book I wasn’t quite thrilled with. More on that later in the week.
  • Short Stories Read: 26, bring my total for the year to 157.
  • Challenge Updates:
    • 2018 Nonfiction Reading Challenge: Finished Houdini and Conan Doyle by Christopher Sandford. My nonfiction percentage for the year is 36%
    • The rest of my reading was for #RIPXIII and #FrightFall:
      • 2/4 books for Peril the First
      • 20 or so stories for Peril of the Short Story & #FrightFall. I haven’t written about them all.

Other Things

One Ahead: The Case of the Sorrowful Seamstress is in good shape. Another edit pass and some details and I should be ready to publish. I’m also working-ish on a murder mystery. I hadn’t realized that that didn’t exist before September.

Number of games of ultimate frisbee played: 8

Other Other Things:
Not much else. I spent September sweating despite my Halloween decorations.

4 thoughts on “Wrapping September 2018

  1. whatsnonfiction

    I just read a book called Through a Glass, Darkly that focused on Conan Doyle’s belief in spiritualism and his connection with Houdini. I knew nothing about it and it was fascinating! I’m glad to see there are other books about it, specifically about the history between them – it seemed interesting enough to read more deeply about it. I hope you’ll review it!

      1. whatsnonfiction

        I liked it but it’s not particularly in depth, the authors said it was meant to be “a jolly romp” instead of anything deeper and it doesn’t have much of a thesis, so I wonder if it would be that interesting when you already have a deeper background understanding of this history. It’s so entertaining and well written, though!

      2. Katherine Nabity Post author

        Actually, I think I’d like another book on Doyle’s side of spiritualism. Most of my reading has been from the “Houdini” side of things. 😉

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