#AMonthOfFaves ~ Favorite Books Read This Year

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Mon. | Dec. 31 – Favorite Books Read This Year

Favorite Fiction Novel

All the Crooked Saints

All the Crooked Saints by Maggie Stiefvater

This book was a surprise to me, which has probably increased my warm feelings for it. It has all the things that I like in fiction: great setting, characters I want to spend time with, and a interesting enough plot.
My Review

Fiction Novel Runners-Up

A Long Fatal Love Chase
World of Trouble (The Last Policeman, #3)

A Long Fatal Love Chase by Louisa May Alcott is not the best novel ever written. No, really, it’s okay to say that about a classic author’s work. But, I really enjoyed this book. It’s the sort of sensational story that gave novels a gloriously bad name. My Review

I didn’t give Ben H. Winter’s Countdown City and World of Trouble super high ratings, but I realized some time last week that there weren’t anymore Hank Palace tales left and that made me a little sad. I’ll have to reread these books before I say for sure, but Hank might be one of my favorite characters ever. My Review

Favorite Nonfiction

The Perfect Storm: A True Story of Men Against the Sea

The Perfect Storm: A True Story of Men Against the Sea by Sebastian Junger

Again, my favorite nonfiction read of the year was the one that surprised me the most. I had enjoyed the movie and I have strong love of weather, but for me this book never lagged. My Review

Nonfiction Runners-Up

Heaven's Ditch: God, Gold, and Murder on the Erie Canal
Memoirs of an Elusive Moth: Disappearing Nightly with Harry Blackstone and his Show of 1001 Wonders

I had a few problems with Heaven’s Ditch by Jack Kelly, but honestly, it opened up a niche in history that I didn’t know existed. Bonus, my husband has been reading it, offering more opportunities for discussion. My Review

While sadly too short, Memoirs of an Elusive Moth by Adele Friel Rhindress was my favorite magic book of the year. (Yes, that should be a category for me.) It’s a nice slice-of-life look into being a “box-jumper” in one of the biggest travelling magic shows of the mid-20th century.
My Review

Bonus ~ My Top 5 Short Stories

By reading date, presented without comment, because an hour or two of reading will get you the shared experience:

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