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#24in48 Readathon, January 2019


The Wedding Date
The Cure for Dreaming
Don Quixote

Pretty much right after I wrote my “It’s Monday…” post, I decided I should read a few more stories with some romance in them. So, I took a look around the online libraries and picked out The Wedding Date and The Cure for Dreaming. I also want to catch up with the other reading I had planned this week: Don Quixote and a bunch of short stories.


I decided this morning that, since I wasn’t going to make it the full 24hrs, I wanted to get 18 hours done. And, hey! I got 19!

I finished reading The Wedding Date, started and finished The Cure for Dreaming, caught up on Don Quixote and my short story reading, *and* started The Beautiful Cigar Girl and Black Klansman. That’s a pretty good reading weekend!

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