It’s Monday! What Are You… (3/25/19)


I might finally be back on the reading wagon. I finished The Man From the Train over the weekend and should have a review of that tomorrow.
Tesla: Man Out of Time
This week, I’m starting on Tesla Man Out of Time by Magaret Cheney. Because I always need to read another Tesla biography. This one caught my eye by presenting, at least in its first chapter, a narrative tone while not being fictional. If that makes any sense.

I also have a bunch of short stories to catch up on.

It's Monday! What Are You ReadingIt’s Monday! What Are You Reading, hosted by Book Date!


Doing a Bourne movie watch-through. I haven’t seen the last one yet. Good gracious, this trailer is cheesy.


Been playing too much EverQuest 2. The game launched a new time-locked expansion server last weekend and Eric and I decided to play on it. This is my main character, Reesa, in her home. She’s a bard, hence the musical notes floating around her.

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