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Sunday Salon, 4/20/19

Sunday Salon


Finished the April 1896 issue of The Black Cat. I’ll have a review of that on Thursday-ish. Otherwise, I didn’t finish anything other than short stories this week.

I picked 5 for Deal Me In this week: “Call for Help” by Robert Arthur from Alfred Hitchcock prestents: More Stories Not for the Nervous. This is the type of story I was expecting from the Not for the Nervous anthologies. Martha Halsey, age 80, is sure that her niece, Ellen, and nephew-in-law, Roger, are plotting the early death of Martha and her younger sister Louisa (younger, but past age 75). The sisters aren’t in the best health, but that’s because Roger, a pharmacist, is poisoning them. One of the ladies’ cats has already turned up dead and the other is missing. They’ve been moved out of their old house, away from friends,  and into Ellen and Roger’s place, which has no phone. (This is the 1960s and Roger says the phone it too expensive(?)) Louisa is in a wheelchair and the weather has turned frigid, how are the sisters going to escape? Well, Martha has a plan… I enjoy stories with older protagonists, though in this case, you wonder if Martha is as lucid as she seems.

Random fact: I had an Aunt Martha. I don’t remember her well other than when I was young I took a trip to Minnesota with my grandparents to visit relatives. We stayed in her house, which she lived in alone, in rural Minnesota, and told jokes about what to do when bears showed up on the doorstep. Seems like she was a pretty cool lady.

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What’s Deal Me In?


Part of the reason I didn’t finish any books this week is because I went to the library:

I’m still working on Love and Mr. Lewisham. Also started Life Moves Pretty Fast by Hadley Freeman.

Love and Mr. Lewisham Life Moves Pretty Fast: The Lessons We Learned From Eighties Movies (And Why We Don't Learn Them From Movies Any More)


College basketball is in the rear-view mirror which means it’s time for my “summer” sport to watch: ultimate frisbee. This year, in addition to club games and the AUDL (the pro league), there are two new pro women’s leagues. The Premier Ultimate League’s first games were Saturday. The league includes a team from Medellin, Columbia and they are fun to watch.


Honestly, I’ve been a little out of it this week. It’s been hard mustering the enthusiasm to do much. I went to the library. I played some ultimate.

EverQuest 2: In these kinds of moods, the easiest thing is to play some video game or another. Right now, it’s EverQuest 2. It’s nice to hang out in a “world” where goals are easily defined and their difficulties are somewhat color-coded. (Writing lately is definitely ^^^ Heroic.)

Bullet Journaling: Also, when I get into these blah, sort of  aimless moods, I have a tendency to start a new task management app. I’ve been feeling sort of unmoored, so I decided to try bullet journaling again. I figure that maybe having things in a solid paper/pen form might help. Now, I’m not too worried about spreads and themes and such. This is a purely practical exercise right now; art can be done elsewhere. I’m using a composition notebook. If things go well and I stick with it, I might buy a dotted journal—Michael’s has a whole line of $5 journals.

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