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Sunday Salon, 5/12/2019

Sunday Salon


Didn’t finish anything this past week. I did finally get into some short stories I haven’t read in the complete, unabridged Edgar Allan Poe that I’m reading. The delightful macabre surprise among the stories thus far is “MS. Found in a Bottle,” a creepier version of “A Descent into the Maelström.”

Deal Me In: 7, so another story from the Stories Not for the Nervous anthologies. This week’s story was “Something Short of Murder” by Henry Slesar. Housewife Fran Holland has a pony problem, which means she also has a bookie problem. She owes Mr. Cooney $25 dollars and Cooney wants it by six o’ clock. In 1957, when this story was published, that’s a bit of money and Fran doesn’t have it. She doesn’t have anything more to pawn. She can’t tell her husband (this isn’t the first time she’s owed money) and she won’t ask her luckier friend Lila. So what is she to do? She tries, panhandling, but then her luck changes… Decent story. I liked that our main character is a housewife.

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What’s Deal Me In?


Life Moves Pretty Fast: The Lessons We Learned from Eighties Movies (and Why We Don't Learn Them from Movies Anymore) The Count of Monte Cristo The Unabridged Edgar Allan Poe

I’ll be starting the new week with Life Moves Pretty Fast and my “dailies” The Count of Monte Cristo and Poe. Since Bout of Books starts Monday, I’m hoping to get through a couple of my library books too. I’ll have a more comprehensive TBR tomorrow when I officially sign up for BoB.


I found another series-that-I-wish-would-have-lasted-longer streaming on one of the free services: Houdini & Doyle is on Crackle. The series only has a passing resemblance to actual history, but it’s fun and Michael Weston is by far my favorite cinematic Houdini.


Last week was kind of busy.

On Monday, Eric and I went up to Chino Valley visited my parents and my sister and her wife as they passed through on their way to Kansas City. It was just a quick trip up and back for dinner and dessert.

Saturday was spring league ultimate frisbee finals. It was single elimination. My team won the play-in game, but lost in quarter finals. We stuck around to watch semis and finals and chat with people we know, which is almost the best part of league finals. My body isn’t feeling too badly today, but I’m glad I didn’t have to play more than two games.

Looking forward to a quiet week of reading and writing.

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