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Sunday Salon, 8/4/19

Sunday Salon

Books and Such

I decided last minute to join the “Reverse” Readathon. Usually, Dewey’s Readathon starts at 5am for me. 5am isn’t *terribly* early, but I never sleep well before it. The Reverse Readathon started 5pm on Friday and I enjoyed that more. I think I probably read as much as usual, but never felt totally wasted.

I finished reading PHYSIC, which I had been neglecting, read most of Unmentionable: The Victorian Lady’s Guide to Sex, Marriage, and Manners by Therese Oneill (an impulse checkout), and listened to some M. R. James short stories.

Also this week I joined the Moby-Dick Readalong, hosted by Brona’s Books. While I’ve been wanting to reread Moby-Dick, I wasn’t going to until next year due to the readalongs that Nick is hosting, but I figured I’d be able to add a little white whale to my TBR.


I look forward to finishing The Spectacle of Illusion by Matthew Tompkins and starting Guilt is a Ghost by Tim Prasil.

Deal Me In: J “The Uninvited” by Michael Gilbert from Alfred Hitchcock’s Stories Not for the Nervous. There’s something charming about retired spies, living in the English countryside with a pet dog and a regularly scheduled backgammon game. Never mind the occasional murderous foreign national…

Hosted by Jay @ Bibliophilopolis
What’s Deal Me In?

Movie of the Week

I decided that in August I want to stay away from the big franchises. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good superhero movie, but I’m just a little tired of sequels, remakes, and cinematic universes. So far in August, I’ve watched A Monster Calls and Hell or High Water.

As a part of my screenwriting class I also read the screenplay to Hell or High Water. There are some differences, but both are really, really good. It’s also really obvious how much movies are a collaborative process. The screenwriter provides a scaffold and so many of the details are added by the cast and crew. I really wish they had a video of the first scene. It’s a beautiful interpretation of what’s in the screenplay.

Other Stuff

We finally got some monsoons here in Arizona. Usually, we have some storms by mid-July, but we really didn’t get our first one until the 30th. Honestly, the high temps haven’t been super hot, but with no storm systems, the lows don’t get better than 88-ish degrees. It’s August though; only two more months of summer left!

Been watching more ultimate frisbee than I’ve been playing. Rain cancelled my Tuesday league game and Wednesday’s pickup game. Eric and I haven’t been getting out to run and throw either. Did throw some on an ambient-lit field the other night. I don’t remember the last time I went a week without at least throwing.

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