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Sunday Salon, 8/11/19

Sunday Salon

Books & Such

Finished The Spectacle of Illusion and posted a short review of it and Unmentionable. I also caught up on my Poe reading. I’ve been trying to read all the way through the unabridged Poe, but I’ll be honest: sometimes, Poe isn’t very good. I’m not a fan of snarky, satirical Poe.

The Unabridged Edgar Allan Poe
The Count of Monte Cristo Moby Dick

I really didn’t plan to read this many “classics” at once but, well, that’s how it goes sometimes.  Tim Prasil’s Guilt is a Ghost is my “modern” pick for the week, at least in terms of author.

Ghost, Poe, the first Halloween decorations in stores, and football and basketball talk is turning my thoughts toward autumn readathons/challenges. Thinking about Monsterathon. Know of any others? Tell me about ’em!

Show of the Week

Forever (2014) is another of those not-great-but-fun shows that lasted maybe a season. The premise doesn’t really work if you think about it, but I like super longevity as a reason for a Holmes-like intellect. It’s the cast, though, that is especially enjoyable. If you’re in the US, you can watch on CW Seed.

Other Stuff

I find that I’ve become a chronic starter. I start a lot of projects, both professional and recreational, and then get annoyed at myself for not finishing things. (See also readalongs/reading challenges…) So, I want to work on that.

This week, I want to focus on the VOTS archive. A few years back, I switched the website to a responsive layout using Bootstrap. Most of the 20 year archive has been more or less converted, but there’s still a section from Fall 2007 through 2011 that is the old design.

Also in the realm of thing I took on that require more time and focus than I have available, I finished off the content from the screenwriting class. While I won’t be completing a screenplay in the near future, I did find some of the discussion on planning plot to be maybe helpful. Time will tell if it bears fruit.

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