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Sunday Salon, 9/1

Sunday Salon

Books & Such

Since last I posted for Sunday Salon, I participated in Bout of Books and posted:

And today starts my favorite Fall Reading Events!

While the official finish date for the Count of Monte Cristo chapter-a-day readalong is tomorrow, I finished on Friday.  Totally selfishly, I didn’t want to carry the book over to my September bullet journal spread. I might post thoughts about it later in the week. The chapter-a-day of George MacDonald’s Lilith starts on Tuesday.

I tried to read Doctor Sleep for #SomethingWickedFall, but I just wasn’t enjoying it. Stephen King is hit and miss for me. The Shining is one of my favorite pieces of fiction, but I haven’t cared for many of his longer works. Some aspects of Doctor Sleep reminded me of Glen Hirshberg’s Motherless Child trilogy, but with less interesting characters. So, I’m moving on. So, my first book for Peril the First will be The Other by Thomas Tryon.

Movies & Television

Nothing worth reporting. I’m planning on the Peril on the Screen double features for the moths to come.

Other Stuff

Writing: I’m working on “The Case of the Horrid Haunting,” the the second of the One Ahead stories. I have it in 1.5 draft condition. One scene needs a rewriting and one scene needs the addition of a magic trick. Plus some edits.

Classes: “The Living Picture Craze: An Introduction to Victorian Film” at Future Learn begins on Monday. Doesn’t that sound fun?

Ultimate: Fall League starts this week! Summer League ended last week. I’m a little uncertain about the team I ended up on, but I’ll play hard and try not to take things too seriously.


The Sunday Salon is a linkup hosted by Deb @ Readerbuzz