Daily Archives: September 8, 2019

Spooky Salon, 9/8

Spooky Salon(A little rebranding for September & October.)

Peril the First

The Other

After working to finish two ARCs in the last half of August, I’ve been taking it easy, reading-wise. I’m keeping up with read-alongs of Moby-Dick and George McDonald’s eccentric Lilith. I’m about 30% done with The Other. I’ll probably step it up this week. I also picked up Susan Hill’s The Small Hand and Dolly from the library which will make good autumnal reading.

Peril of the Short Story

Most of my short story reading this week wasn’t too perilous. My Poe story was on the not-creepy fable end of the spectrum. It’s my habit, lately, when at the library to pluck down an anthology and read a short story with my coffee and lemon cake from the library cafe. But the story was “Schmendrick Alone” by Peter S. Beagle. And for Deal Me In, I picked an SF story! I might have to take matters into my own hands.

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