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πŸ“½ 30-Day Horror Movie Challenge, Days 5 & 6 πŸŽƒ

What’s this all about? See the first post.

Day 05 – Your favorite monster movie

What’s the most dangerous monster of all? Man, of course. But a close second is every other chitinous, tentacled, or behemoth-sized creature that comes out of The Mist (2007). I think the best Stephen King stories are the shorter, simpler ones. The core of The Mist is several dozen people, trapped in a store, with monsters outside. We don’t need a huge explanation about how they got there. I wish the black and white cut of this movie was making the theatrical rounds; they’d easily sell me a ticket.

Day 06 – Your favorite vampire movie

Near Dark (1987) came out the same year as another of my favorite vampire movies, The Lost Boys. While also featuring an appealing young lead in Adrian Pasdar, it is the grittier dark cousin and it’s the differences that make me like it more. Instead of the crowded boardwalks of Santa Clara, it’s set in the desolate southwest. Instead of the Coreys, the rest of the cast is filled out by veterans of James Cameron’s Aliens (Bill Paxton, Jenette Goldstein, and Lance Henricksen). It’s one of Kathryn Bigelow’s first films. She would become one of my favorite directors as well as an Oscar winner.