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📽 30-Day Horror Movie Challenge, Days 13 & 14 🎃

What’s this all about? See the first post.

Day 13 – Your favorite horror comedy

There are a certain group of horror comedies of the late 80s and early 90s that I really love. Maybe it was because I was a high-schooler at that time and was more likely to instigate seeing these movies rather than going along with what my family wanted to see. It was also the heyday of my reading Fangoria. Whatever the case, these are a bunch of movie I love, for better or worse. I hate spiders. I do have low-level arachnophobia. I went to see Arachnophobia (1990) in the theater. I mean, Julian Sands being British and intellectual and John Goodman being…John Goodman. How was I not going to go see this movie?  It’s cheesy, but takes itself seriously, which is always an attribute I value.

Day 14 – Your favorite zombie film

From an old favorite to a new one. After I tracked down Pontypool (2008), I watched it twice in row. As I said on day one, I don’t really like zombie flicks. (Aside from, well, 28 Days Later and Shaun of the Dead…) Pontypool‘s twist on the genre is the manner of infection: language. How exactly? We don’t know and care about as much as how space radiation caused the hungry corpses in Night of the Living Dead. But mostly, I like this movie because, while it has a few shocks based on gore, it’s a movie of sound, of listening to horror. We experience this as an audience in the same way the characters do.