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Happy Halloween from The Black Cat, Vol. 2

I promised a second set of stories from The Black Cat for Halloween, but I’ve almost run out of holiday season. 😉 Here’s a link to the first five stories.

Mr. Williamson, a mysterious jeweler, has gone missing and after a period of time, his massive safe is being removed from his former place of business. Between the time of Williamson’s arrival in town and his disappearance, a series of burglaries and robberies have taken place, including Williamson himself being mugged. But after Williamson disappeared, the robberies stopped. What happened? And is the answer to be found in his safe?

Link to “The Williamson Safe Mystery” by F. S. Hesseltine

Mr. Jones is a bit nosy. He noticed the rather smart family who lived in the building across the street and when he noticed their absence, he was quick to inquire about their apartment. After he moves in, he befriends Mr. Flemming, the second floor’s only other resident. Since the other rooms on the floor aren’t locked, they make light use of them. During one lazy evening, Jones notices that the width of two apartments is shorter than the hallway is long. Is there a secret room? And the better question, why is there a secret room?

Link to “The House Across the Way” by Leo Gale

Prof. Linwood was a collector of seaweed. Until he got married. But now his wife is dead and the seaweed room is kept locked. No one knows why, so surely it would be okay if a late-staying guest spends the night there, right?

Link to “The Seaweed Room” by Clarice Irene Clinghan

A man and woman on the run settle in a deserted Boom Town. Their crimes are never enumerated, but they have a good-sized box of money. Their plan is to lay low in this town for a year and then head to South America. Everything is fine for a while. The couple obviously love each other and enjoy the freedom of having a whole town at their disposal. But when they are forced to move into the old hotel, the woman starts hearing a small voice asking, “Mama?”

Link to “The Reapers” by Batterman Lindsay

An old salt, Tom, tells Sam of a treasure on Mustery Island. After braving a squall to reach the island, Sam encounters a dog that leads him to a dilapidated mansion. There he finds a invalid woman with dimentia. She believes she’s a refugee from the French Revolution and goes on about some devil-weed on the island, protecting the treasure. It all seems too fantastical to Sam…until he meets the devil-weed…

Link to “The Guardian of Mystery Island” by Edmond Nolcini

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📽 30-Day Horror Movie Challenge, Days 23 & 24 🎃

What’s this all about? See the first post.

Day 23 – Your favorite made-for-TV horror film

Psycho (1960) is a classic. It’s one of my favorite movies though it’s not on this list. It didn’t quite fit any category well enough for me. Largely forgotten, the sequels to the original aren’t too bad. Psycho II (1983) was obviously a cash grab instigated by the success of Friday the 13th and Jaws sequels. Psycho II, though, is pretty good. It has a nice twist. Psycho III (1986) is less good, but not exactly bad either. Anthony Perkins took up the directing reins and sort of made an art house version of a sequel. Originally shown on Showtime cable network, Psycho IV (1990) serves up a fairly mundane thriller, actually.  Why do I like it then? Just the fun of watching Anthony Perkins deliver a line like “Slowly.” Henry Thomas does a good job as young Norman, too, though is now over-shadowed by Freddie Highmore’s turn as young Norman in the TV series Bates Motel. All in all, the entire franchise is worth watching at least once.

Day 24 – Horror film in which you prefer the edited version over the director’s cut

I really tried to think of a movie that fits this category. Generally, I find director’s cuts better than theatrical cuts. But horror movies are glutted with “unrated” director’s cuts which are really just the theatrical cut plus a few extra seconds of gore here and there that were trimmed for an R-rating. And if it’s a movie that I’m watching the first time? *shrug* I’m sure my fellow bloggers will have some good choices, but for me? I got nothing.