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Sunday Salon, 12/29/19

Sunday Salon
I’m in that weird place where I’ve finished books, but I don’t want to start new ones until New Year’s. So, today in the Salon, I’m going to take a look back and a look forward.

Books & Reading

By Tuesday, I’ll have read 51 books in 2019. Here are some stats:

  • Average rating (out of 5): 3.495
  • Unique authors: 50
  • New authors: 30
  • Male/Female authors: 55% / 45% (This is the closest I’ve come to 50/50. Without looking super close at numbers, I think this is because I read more nonfiction by women this year.)
  • Fiction/Nonfiction: 55% / 45% (I always aim for at least 60/40.)
  • Rereads: 12% (A little higher than usual.)
  • ARCs: 14% (Much lower than the last few years. I’m stepping away from ARCs.)
  • From my shelves: 31%
  • From libraries: 55%

I plan on doing a “favorites” post on Tuesday.

I’m only joining two challenges for 2020:


Deal Me In is a short story challenge hosted by Jay @ Bibliophilopolis. What’s the commitment? Pick 52 short stories, assign a card to each of them, and every week you pick a card and read the story! There are better details at Jay’s blog.

I plan on reading at least 10 titles from my Classics Club list.

I’m a flighty reader so many challenges (aka too many plans) don’t work well for me. Instead I want to do more readathons and readalongs. To wit, I’m going to participate in Page-a-thon and Bout of Books in January.

Movies & Television

I’ve  been keeping track of my film watching on Letterbox. According to them, I watched/rewatched 111 films as of 12/29/19. I count 41 rewatches. We went to the movie theater twice, to a rerelease of Blade Runner (1982) and Knives Out (2019). In 2020, I’d like to watch a new-to-me film each week, which should be do-able since I seemed to have watched 70 or so in 2019.

Honest-to-goodness, I can’t think of a TV series in the last year that I really liked. I haven’t been watching much television.

Other Stuff


I put two things out into the world in 2019. I edited and formatted David P. Abbott in The Open Court, a collection of articles about magic and fraudulent mediums  that David Abbott wrote for The Open Court magazine. It’s available on my website!

I also published One Ahead: The Case of the Real Estate Revenant on Amazon. It’s the second in my series of mysteries with a fictional David Abbott as detective.

What am I doing in 2020? Tentatively, I’d like to finish Wicked Witch Retired and maybe get that into the world by the end of the year. I’ll probably do another Entangled Tome of some sort. I might also entertain the notion of taking on some formatting work.

Ultimate Frisbee:

I played some; I’ll play some more. Generally, I felt pretty good this year. In 2007, I thought I’d be lucky to still be playing at age 40. Now, at age 45, I can’t see myself not playing at 50, even if it is harder to cover the 20 year-olds.

I also finished updating the VOTS archive online.

The Sunday Salon is a linkup hosted by Deb @ Readerbuzz