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Sunday Salon, 1/12/20

Sunday Salon


Finished Minor Mage and reviewed it. It was a spot-on beginning for the year. I also finished reading The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street by Helene Hanff. I’ve been reading through her works in the mornings during my off-the-grid self-reflection time. I love her voice and her enthusiasm for the things she loves.

Trail of Lightning (The Sixth World, #1)

This week, I need to finish Trail of Lightning before it gets yoinked back by the library.


I went to the library and it became X-Men week… In the past year, I’ve been availing myself of the library’s DVD collection. I went for Dark Phoenix (2019), but I noticed that there was a “Rogue Cut” of X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014). So, I checked out both.

Days of Future Past is my favorite X-Men movie, combining the best of the old and new cast/storylines. And the scenes with Quicksilver are too much fun. The “Rogue Cut” adds in a few scenes, including a subplot about rescuing Rogue in the future. The movie didn’t need this McGuffin and the plot was leaner without it. But I enjoy watching different versions of movies so it wasn’t lost time.

Dark Phoenix? Oof. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t good either. It was just sort of…plain? I probably wasn’t helped by not watching X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) in the recent past. I’ve seen it, but I don’t really remember it. It’s really too bad because it’s a poor ending for a really good cast. I was pretty stoked by the possibiliy Sophie Turner as Jean Grey.

Not a movie, I decided to read the original “Dark Phoenix Saga” by Chris Claremont too. It is a lot different than than either of the movie version of the story.

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11 thoughts on “Sunday Salon, 1/12/20

  1. I’m glad you are enjoying the Helen Hanff books so much. Reading and thinking about a group of connected books—that’s the way I love to read best.

    I was given free tickets to an X-Men movie, but I was warned that I needed to see the movie just before it or I would understand the movie we were to see. So I checked out that movie from the library. It did help, but it was obvious that I needed to start from the beginning and see all of the movies if I really wanted to understand the plot. We are doing that now with Star Wars.

    Have a great week!

  2. Trail of Lightning has an interesting cover! I’ve never followed any X-Men stuff. My favorite superhero is the obnoxious Deadpool. LOL

  3. Can I ask something?
    I’m new to wordpress so I don’t know what it means thoughts on a post
    It is always appear in the end if the posts before the comments. Can you explain it to me?

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