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Sunday Salon, 2/16

Sunday Salon


Moby-Dick Dive Deeper: Journeys with Moby-Dick

Slow week. I’m still working on what I was reading last week. The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl did not go back to the library. Also I’m behind on Moby-Dick.


I watched the most recent BBC adaptation of Dracula. It took me a while to realize that the Dracula that was prominently being displayed on my Netflix front page was the Dracula which the UK corner of my internet was talking about back in January.  The splash page just made it feel a little…cheesy. It wasn’t, but it did suffer from some of the same problems as the last season of Moffat and Gatiss’s Sherlock: the confidence that, no matter how deep the plot hole, if you run over it fast enough, no one will lose a tire. That being said, I really did enjoy Claes Bang as Dracula.

But really, I’d rather see two things before I see another Dracula adaptation: Glen Hirshberg’s Motherless Children trilogy get a TV treatment and a series adaptation of Bram Stoker’s life à la Jim Steinmeyer’s Who Was Dracula?

Other Stuff

Still reading on Eric’s PHYSIC series. We’re probably not going to publish this year, but from my point of view (someone reading for smoothness and the occasional additional comma), these books are in darn good shape.

Spring league draft will be this week if not tonight (I doubt it’s tonight), so I’ll have teams and whatnot to post. Kevin, one of the founding members of Valley of the Sun Ultimate Association, has been scanning some of his old papers including community newsletters starting in 1989. I’m going to revamp of our archives to include more than leagues and New Year Fest. It should go fast once I decide how I want to organize everything.

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