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Monday Salon, 2/24

Sunday Salon


Finished Moby-Dick! For the second time. I was intending to follow the leisurely schedule that Brona originally set, but I need to return Dive Deeper to the library on Thursday and the last few chapters are a down-hill path. I plan on posting about both on Thursday.

Next up, The Deep by Alma Katsu. Guess I’ll be spending more time on boats…


My movie of the week is Desperado (1995, dir. Robert Rodriguez).

Desperado is not a great film; my friend Tania and I saw it at least three times in the theater. (Probably once first-run and a couple more times when it was at the second-run theater.) It walks, not as gracefully as the Mariachi on a bar top, a line between earnestness and ridiculousness. The dialogue is clunky, the violence is over the top. But it also has a few things that sets it apart from the clunky, over-the-top 80s action films we grew up on. First, there’s  Antonio Banderas as the Mariachi. In a land of quipy characters played by Arnold, Stallone, and clean-cut Tom Cruise, the Mariachi is a very good-looking romantic anti-hero. Equally lovely is Salma Hayek as a bookshop owner. How could two nerds like us not love her character? It’s also shot really well. Robert Rodriguez has an eye for action, but cinematographer Guillermo Navarro creates art amid the explosions and blood squibs.

Other Stuff

Spring League draft was on Wednesday. Eric and I are on the same team along with quite a few other people we’ve played with in the past. The first game is tomorrow! My legs have been pretty leaden lately. Hopefully, I won’t suck too much.

The Sunday Salon is a linkup hosted by Deb @ Readerbuzz


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4 thoughts on “Monday Salon, 2/24

  1. Sunday…Monday…Tuesday, even…it’s all good.

    Congratulations on finishing Moby-Dick. I’ve gotten way off track with War and Peace. I need to get caught up.

    I’m always happy when a movie character loves books.

    Have a lovely week!

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