Sunday Salon, 4/5

Sunday Salon


I haven’t yet gotten into my April reading stride. I did finish John Polidori’s The Vampyre, my Classics Club choice of the month. I plan on posting about it when I finish my Dracula reread.

Dracula Supernatural Noir Five Midnights

It was pointed out by Tasheena Rose @ Scifantasor that April is halfway to Halloween. Sounds good to me.


I decided Monday to do an unofficial April A to Z with horror films. The best of them thus far has been Cam (2018). We’ve also been taking advantage of the free HBO content and watched The Inventor, about Theranos, and McMillions, about the McDonalds Monopoly fraud case.


The Sunday Salon is a linkup hosted by Deb @ Readerbuzz

2 thoughts on “Sunday Salon, 4/5

  1. I definitely plan to read Dracula one day. I suspect it will be a big favorite with me. I will probably add it to my Classics Club list at some point.

    I am not reading much except for children’s books. I hope to get back into my regular reading soon.

  2. I read so many new books for review, sometimes I miss reading old classics. I would definitely like to be able say I’ve read more of them, but it isn’t happening yet. Stay safe, and enjoy your week!

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