Horror Films A to Z ~ Errementari

Errementari: The Blacksmith and the Devil

Year: 2017
Runtime: 1h 38m
Director: Paul Urkijo Alijo
Writer: Paul Urkijo Alijo, Asier Guerricaechebarría
Stars: Kandido Uranga, Uma Bracaglia, Eneko Sagardoy

A quiet village is thrown into turmoil upon disturbing a reclusive and feared blacksmith rumored to be in league with the devil.

Initial: I didn’t know much about this movie, yada, yada… I bookmarked it on Netflix when it came out because it had a particular look. Runner up: Eyes Without a Face (1960), but Kanopy didn’t have it anymore.

Production Notes: Based on Basque folklore. I watched it in Basque language/English subtitles because the dubs were even more distracting than the “one inch tall barrier.”

What Did I Think: (possible spoilers ahead) This is an early favorite for me from this project. It’s a story of love, Hell, and, uh, bureaucracy. Because what good movie with the Devil (or at least a demon) doesn’t involve a good contract? I really dug the cinematography and effects. Saturated colors. Heightened, stylized iconography. It’s a fairy tale with some fairy tale logic and fairy tale horror. We’re talking Grimm’s here, not Disney. Errementari reminds me of some of Guillermo del Toro’s work, but isn’t in any way as detailed or poignant. It’s weird to say (and not a knock), but I would have really enjoyed this movie as a kid.

1 thought on “Horror Films A to Z ~ Errementari

  1. Michelle Miller

    I started this one, but didn’t finish…I fell asleep. Not because it was boring or I didn’t like it. I watch movies when I go to bed, and fall asleep, so it often takes me two or three times to finish a movie. For some reason, I didn’t come back to this one. Now that I’m getting a recommendation, I’m definitely going to go back and watch it. It does have an intriguing premise.


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