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Sunday Salon, 4/12

Sunday Salon


Charles Fort: The Man Who Invented the Supernatural Supernatural Noir

Have I not been able to focus on reading due to baseline stress or because I decided to set a movie watching challenge for myself? Probably some of both. I’d like to finish Jim Steinmeyer’s bio of Charles Fort this week and blog about it and Fort’s Book of the Damned by Thursday-ish. I might get a few more stories from Supernatural Noir read before it goes back to the digital library, but I’m not sweating it. Likewise, I need to not worry about participating in book related events. I’m not reading as much right now, and that’s okay.


I’ve been continuing with my (unofficial) April A to Z: Horror Movies. I’d say my stand out for the week was Happy Death Day (2017); it was a surprising lot of fun. I also marathon-watched Star Trek II–IV Friday night. My recommendation, though, is the Folger Theater’s performance of Macbeth.

Magician Teller (of Penn & Teller) designed some stage effects for the production. I wish it were filmed a little better, but, hey, an at-home beggar can’t be too choosy.

Other Stuff

Eric and I are physically healthy and mentally doing okay. We go out most weekdays to run and throw a frisbee. Eric goes to the grocery store once a week. I sewed a mask for him and will probably do a second one in case I need to go out. Eric’s been working through some difficult edits/rewrites. I’ve done some work on the VOTS history pages. Lots of Minecraft and Mount & Blade being played.


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