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Sunday Salon, 5/19

Sunday Salon


The result of Classics Club Spin #23 is 6. Number 6 from my list is The Beetle by Richard Marsh. Right now, I’m behind in posting on my Classics Club reads. The Book of the Damned by Charles Fort led to my reading Jim Steinmeyer’s bio of Fort, and I want to finish Dracula before posting about Polidori’s The Vampyr. I still haven’t been reading much this month although I’ve maybe gotten in a grove in the last couple of days. I plan on focusing on Charles Fort: The Man Who Invented the Supernatural and Dracula to finish them by the end of the month.

Unbury Carol Take Joy: A Writer’s Guide to Loving the Craft

Which totally explains why I’ve started Unbury Carol by by Josh Malerman and Take Joy: A Writer’s Guide to Loving the Craft by Jane Yolen.

Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon is next weekend. I haven’t signed up yet. My readathon-ing this month has been a little lackluster. But there’s no reason I can’t do it, so I probably will.


I continued with my Horror Movie A to Z. Aside from Oculus (2013) (which will probably end up on the top of my list for this experiment), this was a pretty meh week.

Other Stuff

Honestly, not much else going on. Staying in, staying healthy. The weather is supposed to be warmer this coming week. It’s been a ridiculously nice spring, thus far. It’s really a shame that sports have been cancelled.

There was a Twitter meme this past week: what’s the one specific thing you miss about sports. For me the thing that comes to mind is from the realm of playing sports. (Warning: ultimate frisbee terminology ahead.) I currently really miss standing on the line between points, before the disc is pulled, at our pick up games. Everyone’s tired from the previous point, maybe we’re on O, maybe we’re on D, but someone has energy enough for a dumb joke or pun.

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