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Horror Films A to Z ~ Vampires

Missed posting yesterday due to Readathon, but here’s the V post on Sunday!


Year: 2010
Runtime: 1h 28m
Director: Vincent Lannoo
Writer: Frédérique Broos, Vincent Lannoo
Stars: Carlo Ferrante, Vera Van Dooren, Pierre Lognay

Belgium’s vampire community invites a documentary crew to film one of their families: husband, wife, and two teen children – Georges, Bertha, Sampson, and Grace.

Initial: So, kind like What We Do in Shadows?

Production Notes: What We Do in Shadows is a 2014 film, so Vincent Lannoo’s film predates Taika Waititi’s by a few years.

What Did I Think: (possible spoilers ahead) Not that I watched the trailer before I watched the movie, but the trailer makes this movie look much funnier than it is. It has a few chuckle moments, but it has nowhere the absurdity of What We Do in Shadows. What is does have is a great deal of commentary on class. The family of vampires is solidly upper middle class. The have “neighbors” who live in their basement, vampire who have no children and are therefore not entitled to a house. The Belgium government supplies the Saint-Germains with immigrants and other “undesirables” as food and even help with corpse disposal. The class distinctions are thrown into further relief when the family is temporarily exiled to Quebec. The family is asked to contribute to a “freer” society, hand-in-hand with humans. It doesn’t go so well.

There are a few moments of found-footage peril, but obviously the terror here isn’t to be found in blood and gore. Not at all what I was expecting, but not bad.

Sunday Salon, 4/26

Sunday Salon


Yesterday was Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon. I’m happy to report that I had a pretty good readathon. I read/listened to 651 pages, which is pretty good for a slow reader like me. I also stayed engaged during the whole readathon, which is often not the case for me. I finished Dracula; I should have some thoughts on Dracula and Polodri’s The Vampyre later in the week. I’m leaving Unbury Carol behind. It’s not working out for me.

This week:

H.P. Lovecraft's at the Mountains of Madness Volume 1 (Manga) The Unabridged Edgar Allan Poe Take Joy: A Writer’s Guide to Loving the Craft


I’m in the homestretch of my Horror Movie A to Z. Yay! Oh, I’ve watched some good movies, but I’ll jonesing for some romantic comedies at this point. The stand-out horror movie this week was Ready or Not (2019). I also watched Dirty Dancing (1987) Friday night as part of Lionsgate’s streaming movie series that I stumbled on by chance.

Other Stuff

Just poking along. The weather has turned very warm. I’m not quite ready for 100F days, but we’ve had a really nice spring so I shouldn’t complain.

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