Daily Archives: June 21, 2020

Sunday Salon, 6/21


Finished An Unexplained Death by Mikita Brottman. I intended to review it on Friday, but honestly, I’m still developing my taste in crime fiction. There were aspects of the author’s tone that often bothered me, but I don’t entirely know how I want to analyze that yet.

I decided this week that I needed a break from classical weird literature. I need to chew on the concepts being presented in the lectures I’ve been following. I’ll get back to The King in Yellow and the rest after a while.

The Changeling

I also wanted to read something by a POC author. I’m a little tired of dead, white dudes (with the occasional dead, white dudette). The advantage of diversity in literature is, well, diversity. Why wouldn’t I want to read stories by authors who have experiences different from my own? (Especially since I’m a particularly well-represented group as far as “canon” is concerned.) So, this week: The Changeling by Victor LaValle.


*queue Katherine bemoaning lack of sports in her life*

Other Stuff

Steam had a sale on Elder Scrolls titles, so I’m playing Morrowind. It’s not too shabby looking for an 18 year-old game.