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Notes, 8/17/20

From Around the Internet

The 1918 Flu Faded in Our Collective Memory: We Might ‘Forget’ the Coronavirus, Too – I really didn’t know much about the 1918 epidemic before I started reading about its place in the late 1910’s resurgence of spiritualism.

The American Influenza Epidemic 1918-1919: A Digital Encyclopedia – But if you *do* want to know more about the epidemic from primary sources, this looks like a great reference. (via Theodore Wheeler)

Good Thing: #AuGHOST – Artists around the internet are creating a ghost-a-day in August. Click through to check out the hashtag.

Good Thing: David Tennant Does A Podcast With… is back! Actor David Tennant is a delightful interviewer.

About The Weather

It’s been a crazy hot summer in the Phoenix Metro. As of this morning we’ve had:

  • 40 days 110+F
  • 9 days 115+F
  • 23 days of low temperatures of 90+F

And not much rain in the city. A big contributor to our heat is the amount of blacktop. The metro is replacing some roads and parking lots with “cooler” surfaces, which should help in years to come.

Between the heat and the increased sunlight, I don’t generally do well in the summer. This year has been especially tough considering that it hasn’t been cool enough to turn off the AC at night.

Outside: hot, bright, pandemic.
Inside: mildly cool, dim, sameness.