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Notes, 8/23/20

From Around the Internet

Mabel Lee and Louise Pound: The Commemoration and the Rivalry – I didn’t know that Mabel Lee Hall on the UNL campus was demolished a while back. I maybe had a class or two there, so it’s not a deep loss to me aside from adding to the ever-sifting nature of the campus. In contrast, I lived in Pound Hall, demo-ed in 2017, for nearly my entire college career. What I didn’t know until now was that both women for whom the halls were named were influential in women’s sports on campus.

Literary canons exclude works no matter how selective canon makers are – Been thinking a lot about canon and “classics,” about what we gain from those things and what we are in danger of missing out on if we slavishly adhere to only canon. This is an older articles coincidentally from the Daily Nebraskan.

Tales of the Dead – Multo is at it again, blowing up my TBR list with a post on the book that inspired the ghostly storytelling session at a certain Swiss villa in 1816.

Deal Me In

Caught up on reading Deal Me In stories.

Week 33: 6❤️
“La Lune T’Attend” by Peter S. Beagle – A werewolf tale. I found the end solution to this story to be kind of abrupt. The “rules” of the mythology get put aside rather lightly.

Week 34: 3❤️
“The Children of the Shark God” also by Peter S. Beagle – You know in Greek/Roman mythology how the gods come down and father children with mortal women? This is a story of two children that don’t end up like Hercules.

About The Weather

We finally got a monsoon storm on Thursday night! After a crazy amount of record-setting heat, I got to turn the AC off until mid-Friday morning. We might get more weather tonight (Sunday), but we’re back to 110+ for another week. Regardless, it’s time for me to start planning my September/October/Halloween reading/movie watching activities. Maybe that will lead to me spending slightly less time in Tamriel