Fall Blogging Events 2020

Fall Blogging Events


Once again, I’ll be joining Readers Imbibing Peril, Something Wicked Fall and the Fright Fall Readathon!

My reading choices have become a little more clear, so these are what I’m reading for September:

Lord of the Dead  by Tom Holland

I won’t be reading The Woman in White because it would be a reread for me and I promised myself that my next Wilkie Collins would be The Moonstone, so *that* is what I’ll be reading in October. Collins’ early mystery should lead me right into Sherlockathon, which runs from October 19th to November 15th.

(All plans are subject to change, because of course they are!)

More Reading!

In a switch-up from reading perilous short stories, this year I’ll be delving into the world of horror graphic novels.

Horror Movie A to Z: The Return

Back in April, halfway to Halloween but near the beginning of the pandemic, I did a Horror Movies A to Z. With many of the things I enjoy about autumn still being curtailed (college football, ultimate frisbee, hours spent wandering through the craft store looking at Halloween stuff), I decided that in September and October needed an extra dose still-sheltering-in-place Katherine-style fun. So, with a nod to the escalating ridiculousness of a good horror sequel, I’ll be doing two horror movie A to Zs!

Every day that I watch a movie in September, I’ll roll a twenty-sided die. If the resulting number is even, I’ll watch a new-to-me movie. If it’s odd, I’ll rewatch a movie (most of them old favorites). In October, I’ll watch the other half of the list. The movies on this list are mostly horror, but with a few not-quite horror fill-ins. Subject to change. I plan on posting about movies on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Will I survive Horror Movie A to Z: The Return? And if I do…what will be left of me???

5 thoughts on “Fall Blogging Events 2020

  1. Elyse LeMieux

    Can’t wait for FrightFall either! I will be reading The Woman in White for the first time. I love your A-Z Horror film lists! I like your horror graphic novel picks, most of them are in my endless TBR.

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  3. Carl V. Anderson

    Fun choices and fun ideas! I remember enjoying The Amazing Screw-on Head. Always enjoy Mignola’s work. I need to get around to reading Wilkie Collins at some point. I have both of those books but have yet to pick them up to read.

  4. Michelle Stockard Miller

    Thanks for joining in on, and sharing, my events! You have a lot of fun lined up. That book, Lord of the Dead…I’ve had that on my TBR FOREVER! Reminds me I need to read it. I’m highly interested in the Sherlockathon. I’ll be looking in to that one. I may do a similar horror movie A-Z, but will spread it out over September/October. I like your dice rolling idea a lot, but my life is already a roll of the dice right now (just moved last month across four states, still unpacking, putting together umpteen bookshelves, shelving books. lol) so I may play it a little more straightforward. I’m perusing your list for ideas for our watch-alongs, if you don’t mind. I love Ghost Story, and The House October Built would also be a great choice.


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