Miscellanea, 1/28/21

From Around the Internet

This week, a few informative YouTube channels I really enjoy:

  • Tasting History with Max Miller – “Love Food? Can’t get enough of History? Every Tuesday, I show you how to make a different historic dish while exploring the history surrounding it.”
  • Jill Bearup’s That’s Fighting Talk – I haven’t explored much of Bearup’s channel, but I love her videos about movie story-telling through fight scenes.
  • Behind the Seams with Gavia Baker-Whitelaw – Similarly, Baker-Whitelaw investigates how costume design adds to movies in ways you might not even realize.
  • Company Man – Company Man presents short histories on companies and products, often that have had a rise and a fall. Definitely in the category of things I never knew I wanted to know about.


Aside from movies for Cinema Saturday and my film class, I’ve been watching Trust, a 2018 show I remembered being in production and finally caught up to.

About The Weather, and everything else

We finally got some rain and wintery weather here in AZ. The change is nice, but it does mean that we’re staying inside yet all the more. Not much else going on.

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