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Tales of an Unwieldy Library, pt. 1

Nuke It From Orbit

Before Goodreads, there was LibraryThing. I had an account on LibraryThing before Goodreads and really only shifted to Goodreads when there was Facebook integration. (I was interested then in what my FB friends were reading…) I’m fairly sure my Goodreads account was populated by an import of the books I had cataloged at LibraryThing, but the importation was not clean.

Over the years, my Goodreads account has become a less and less accurate depiction of the books I own. When memes go around about how many book you own that you haven’t read, I only have a guilty wild guess. I have boxes and boxes of books in my closets…

I have been wanting a better list of the books I own and have (not) read, but it seemed daunting to wade through Goodreads. While Goodreads is concerned with the version of a book I own, it’s easy to add multiple versions of a book, but not easy to get rid of duplicates.

So, I decided to take my LibraryThing, nuke the catalog, and start over there.

I’ve lugged my boxes out of the closet and am re-adding my books. I’m starting off with my physical books and maybe eventually I’ll do my ebooks. And, I’m planning on culling too, at least lightly. My stats thus far:

Boxes sorted: 1 tomato box
Total books cataloged: 24
Books I own, but haven’t read: 21 *cough*
Observation: I have three collections of Chekhov’s short stories with surprisingly little overlap.

If you want to visit me at LibraryThing, click on through.