Tales of an Unwieldy Library, pt. 2

I Know What’s in the Closet

Well, mostly I know what’s in the closet…

Last week, I lugged all* my boxes of books out of the backroom closet and started to re-catalog them in a fresh LibraryThing. I finished with those books on Tuesday and put the boxes back yesterday.

Total boxes sorted: 7 tomato boxes, 3 shoe boxes, 1″Data Documents” box
Total books cataloged: 205
Books I own, but haven’t read: 116

Books removed from collection: 30
About half of these were books I took from free bins outside used bookstores. Often in bad shape, they were free for a reason. I’m going to toss the ones that I’m really not ever going to read. The other half are books in better shape that I’ll get rid of… somehow… Probably post-pandemic. Some children’s titles are going to the free little library that was just set up at the elementary school down the street.


  • Fie on bookstores that put bar-code stickers over the back cover ISBN!
  • Since I removed 30 books from those boxes, I was left with a box 1/3 full, which I’m going to use to help rotate a few books on to my shelves.
  • I did not find my copies of Timothy Zahn’s Star Wars books or my copy of The Phantom of the Opera. I wonder if we didn’t load the Zahn books to Chris or AJ.
  • Best found bookmark: Tucked into the back of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was an “Excused Absence” card dated February 16, 1990. That would have been my freshman year in high school. It was initialed by all of my teaches aside from 8th period and I’m fairly certain I was supposed to turn that back in to the attendanc office. I don’t remember why I was absent.

Next up, the front room books.

* “All” didn’t include the boxes of gaming books in the backroom closet. Those are a task for another day…

5 thoughts on “Tales of an Unwieldy Library, pt. 2

  1. Ti

    Until your post, I totally forgot about barcodes and how useful they can be for scanning/entry purposes. Wow. I am very organized with my Kindle list, my library list and my review copies but not my physical books. I sometimes forget I own a book and buy it again. That has happened a few times, especially with classics.

    1. Elyse LeMieux

      I have most definitely done that on several occasions! Or bought the Kindle when I own the physical. Or vice versa. Or throw in audio too. I have gotten better about utilizing Goodreads when I’m at book sale (pre-pandemic. sad days). lol. And I’m very good about popping owned books onto my owned shelves when I buy them.

    2. Katherine Nabity Post author

      Luckily, if they’re public domain classics, they can be cheap to replace. I was debating whether I wanted to keep old Dickens paperbacks because I can easily get $0 a Kindle copy.


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