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Reading Notes, 3/15/21

Finished Reading

I finished nothing in the past week, but I will be DNF-ing Ultimate Glory: Frisbee, Obsession, and My Wild Youth by David Gessner. There are some tidbits of ultimate frisbee history, but it’s so repetitive.

It did get me thinking about my relationship with the game. In a way, I feel kind of fortunate that I am from a background that didn’t value sports and that I really have no shot at being an elite player. For me, I’ve never bothered being embarrassed to play a “ridiculous” sport like ultimate; all sports were considered ridiculous.* And while I seek ways to improve my play, I have no pressure to “make nationals.”** Heck, fall rec league will be my 20th anniversary league and I’ve still haven’t won a league championship. Not saying that losing doesn’t hurt, but stakes are low for me. So why do I play? To some degree, it’s the incongruity of my playing at all. Surprisingly, I have decent hands for catching. I can throw, somewhat. There is satisfaction in running down a disc or making a nice throw. Why does anyone chose to play any sport?

* I no longer feel this way. Sports offer a way to keep the body and mind working, as well as teach a lot about how to work as a team and take a loss (or a win).
** I actually did participate in the first women’s grand masters nationals competition. Our team got an auto-bid, but still, it was pretty cool.

Deal Me In

2♠️ – A WILD card!
I chose to read “We are Not Phoenixes” by John Wiswell, a story just published over at Fireside Fiction. This is a flash story and, dang, it takes talent world-build in less than 1000 words. And to add speculative fiction elements to stage magic. That was a surprise treat for me since I knew nothing about the story going in.

Currently Reading

I’ll be working on Children of Dune by Frank Herbert and Two in a Tower by Thomas Hardy. Might start In Cold Blood as my next nonfiction read.