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Reading Notes, 3/22/21

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Finished Reading

Nothing! Yeah, I’m a slow reader.

I did read “The Sword of Parmagon” by Harlan Ellison from The Essential Ellison. It’s an extremely early work—written when the author was 15-ish. It’s fine; decent writing of basic fantasy/adventure tropes.

I still need to read this month’s Willa Cather story.

Deal Me In

A❤️ – “The Moonstone Mass” by Harriet Prescott Spofford
I always think I’m going like Northwest Passage stories more than I do. Maybe it’s because, while I like frontier adventures, I just *know* that the Northwest Passage isn’t going to work out. This story is not the best. The language is creaky, even for 1868.

Currently Reading

Since I’m still reading the same two books, Children of Dune by Frank Herbert and Two on a Tower by Thomas Hardy, I figured I’d go with some covers from translations. I suppose I could concentrate on one book at a time, but that’s not how I roll.