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Miscellanea, 5/20/21

(from Jan. 2019, photo by Chikara Kakizawa)

Getting Back to It

Before yesterday, the last time I played ultimate frisbee was March 10, 2020. It was a Tuesday night league game. At the start of the game, it was drizzling, but not windy. The fields were soft, but not muddy. The rain got heavier and for the sake of the grass (something to be appreciated in the Phoenix area), we called the game off with a score of 8–8. Surprisingly, the rain continued on and off for the next couple of days. I cancelled my Wednesday and Friday pickup games and Thursday night’s league games were cancelled too.

And by the next week, COVID happened. I could have probably run my pickup game for a week or two longer. People were willing to play, but no one quite knew what was going on or how big the risks were. And I am not a risk-taker. Not when it comes to other people’s health anyway.

Happily this week, I restarted the WLDisc pickup game. Not coincidentally, I’m two weeks post-vaccine as of Tuesday. Since the game is a fairly closed group, I’ve also requested that everyone be vaccinated. I want the game to be safe and to be relatively worry-free.

I’m not sure I could have planned such an utterly different game than that one in March 2020. Clear skies, hot sun. It was probably around 95F. We played four-on-four, mostly, on a smaller field. And it was great. I had missed it, but also it wasn’t hard to be relaxed in that normal activity. Other than going to a store, it was the most people I had been around in over a year too.

And hopefully I’ll do it again tomorrow.