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Monday Miscellanea, 5/31/21

Programming Note

I’m always tinkering around with my blogging “schedule;” I think reviews work better for me later in the week, so I’m moving my Miscellanea posts to Monday, where also the obvious alliteration is.

From Around the Internet

Via Dominic Noble on YouTube: The First (and Worst) Adaptation of The Hobbit
Oh, the things that are done in the name of retaining rights…


I didn’t have a Cinema Saturday post because I watched no movies in the past week. Instead I’ve been watching two series.

The first is Intelligence.

This is a Canadian series from 2006, centered around organized crime in Vancouver. The plots are intricate without being baffling; the characters are compelling and articulate. It’s one of my husband’s favorite shows, but this is my first watch-through. It’s currently streaming on Nextflix.

I’m also rewatching The Haunting of Hill House series (2018). Now that I now what’s going on, I can appreciate the non-linear timeline more. I still don’t see the background ghosts though. It turns out that people with face-blindness are less susceptible to pareidolia.

Getting Back to It

Our air conditioning has been on the fritz. Again. There was obviously a refrigerant leak in the system somewhere. They “topped it up” last year, which was fine since it was at the beginning of the pandemic and that was handled without anyone coming into the apartment. When the situation was the same this year, our landlady decided to have the unit replaced. The one we had was a ’95 model, so it was probably time. Apartment #1 in our building had theirs replaced near the end of last summer. The AC guys are here as I write this, so I’m looking forward to a cooler apartment later today and hopefully slightly lower electric bills this summer.