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Monday Miscellanea, 6/7/21

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Tales from an Unwieldy Library

I’ve finished cataloging my physical books, aside from a shelf of old textbooks. I’m not counting textbooks in my “to-read” numbers and most of them are Eric’s anyway. I’ve added a few Kindle books, but got side-tracked reading a novella that doesn’t have a Library Thing entry…

Number of books in my library: 808
Number “To-Read”: 429

So, right now, about 53% of my library is unread. I intend to dump some of the Kindle freebies I’ve picked up over the year. Maybe I should restart Down the TBR Hole posts for my Kindle books…

Getting Back to It

After out restart, I’m three weeks into running the Wednesday/Friday fully-vaccinated lunchtime ultimate frisbee game. The response has been pretty good. In fact, I might be slightly responsible for two people deciding to get vaccinated in order to join us. Now, I’m dealing with the usual summer problems of heat and sprinklers being on. Everyone is a little rusty in one way or another. Some people hadn’t been too active in a year, others haven’t throw a disc much in that time. Eric and I had continued to run and throw with each other over the hiatus, but that means I got better at throwing to a 6’3″ fast guy and he got used to throwing to a 5’2″ slow girl.

We got our AC unit replaced last Monday. It’s wonderful.

And I’ve been writing. I don’t really want to say too much about what I’m writing or what my intent is, but I’m doing that thing that involves putting words on paper in a story kind of way.

What Am I Promo-ing?

I also want to start shining a light on the stuff I’ve already written.

Model Species is the first book that Eric and I wrote set in the fiction world of Woerdan. Weordan started as a kind of a thought experiment: Could we make a magic system in a fantasy world out of science? Eric spun through the options and settled on the people of Weordan having a different biology that could manage some levels of energy manipulation. This could only happen in a world with a slightly different make-up than our own.

Model Species took a lot of work. Beneath being true to the system, it’s a murder mystery with an duo of inspectors that I’m rather fond of. And talking moths. Model Species is available at