Monday Miscellanea, 6/14/21


My writing “playlist” has been nearly exclusively David Bowie concerts. Thank you, YouTube bootleggers. One of my favorite things about Bowie concerts/performances of the mid-90s onward is his duet of “Under Pressure” with touring/session bassist Gale Ann Dorsey. Dorsey may be one of the coolest people in existence. Not only is she doing justice to Freddy Mercury’s original vocals alongside David-frickin’-Bowie, she’s also playing one of the most iconic bass lines in rock music.

Getting Back to It (or not)

Weather foracst: Mon: 115, Tues: 118, Wed: 116, Thurs: 118...

I am not ready for summer. Did I mention we recently got a new AC unit? Man, I am happy about that.

Anyway, back around when I got my second vaccine jab, I mentioned that my parents were on their way to being vaccinated as well. In fact, they were not and have no intention of being vaccinated. It’s been interesting to find out where family members, both close and extended, stand on this issue of public (and personal) health and safety. And, by “interesting,” I mean painful in a way that I can only give 2020 credit for.

What Am I Promo-ing?

Cover: Luck for Hire by Eric and Katherine Nabity

Luck for Hire

“If science is a product of observation, then magic is the manipulation of what isn’t or can’t be observed.”

Aleister Luck is a private investigator based in Las Vegas who has his own brand of slightly chaotic magic. He goes where his luck takes him, which seems to be in the path of his ex-girlfriend, a lawyer whose client has gone missing.

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4 thoughts on “Monday Miscellanea, 6/14/21

  1. Michelle Stockard Miller

    Wow! I’ve never seen that version. Very good. I’m a huge Bowie fan. Miss him so much. That song certainly is a favorite.

    My sister and her family won’t get vaccinated. It’s so frustrating.

    I’m loving the Michigan weather. It’s mid-June and we have our windows open again. We would never have been able to do that mid-June in Tennessee. Congrats on your AC. 🙂

  2. Elyse LeMieux

    It’s so baffling. My mom’s sisters, all 5, have not and will not get vaccinated. She’s the only one. And the really tragic thing is that they’ve convinced by 80+ grandmother to not get vaccinated. !!!!!!!!! My grandfather and step grandmother both got Covid and had a terrible time with it and they still got vaccinated! One of my uncles straight up quit his job because he didn’t want to wear a mask all day. 🙄🙄 Such a baby.


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