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Monday Miscellanea, 6/28/21

Let’s Talk About the Weather

Week before last was super hot. We had a record six days in a row of 115+F heat. That’s a tad warm for June. Thankfully, last week was cooler with a day of clouds and a smidge of rain on Wednesday. This week looks to be a repeat. Yay!

Spent Time On

On Friday night, I realized that I had never created a spreadsheet for my dice collection. (Has a geekier sentence ever been written?) I’ve been gaming since shortly after I met Eric and, in the past 23-ish years, I’ve accumulated quite a few dice sets. As I took stock, it occurred to me that the loose d4s and d6s that were generally “damage dice” would be better served in their own dice bags. That way they could be table dice; for use for whoever is currently playing a fireball-slinging wizard.

A selection of dice sets which Katherine owns.
Two crocheted dice containers.

In retrospect, I suppose I could have used one of the many plastic containers I have around. Instead, I broke out my supplies and googled “crochet dice bags.” Instead of bags, I ended up with two open-mouthed containers based on a potion bottle dice bag and a dragon egg dice bag. I hadn’t crocheted anything in probably over a year, but both came out pretty okay. My fingers and eyesight generally survived the experience.

Getting Back to It

I think I finished the first draft of the story I’m writing. Tentative title: “Beside the Gem-Colored Sea.”

What Am I Promo-ing?

Today, I’m not promo-ing anything I’ve written. Instead, I’m promoting Entangled Tomes. Currently, there are four Tomes:

  • Two are anthologies of short fiction that I edited:
    • Our Past in the Uncanny Valley – automaton stories.
    • Happy Halloween from The Black Cat – spine-tingling stories from The Black Cat magazine
  • Mephisto, the Marvellous Automaton – a nice, clean format of a historical pamphlet about a chess-playing automaton.
  • David P. Abbott in The Open Court – a collection of articles and letters written by magician and skeptic David P. Abbott for The Open Court magazine.

If any of these sound interesting, click through! All are available for free from my webpage in several different formats. I consider myself a fairly proficient formatter, so if you’re an author, you like the look of these files (or any of the ebook I have self-pubbed at Amazon), and you’re in need of a formatter, let me know. Maybe we can work together!