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Monday Miscellanea, 10/4/21

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Photo by Designecologist on

Getting Back to It

Last Tuesday, we went out to dinner at a restaurant.

I know, a lot of people have been doing restaurants for a while now. Eric and I have been cautious, but we’re also just not likely to go out very often. In 2018–2019, we were maybe eating at a restaurant once or twice a month. Increase in price and decline in quality at a few of our favorite places had driven us more toward take-out even pre-2020. While I’ve missed some of the variety, it hasn’t been that hard during the pandemic to not go to loud, people-filled restaurants. The older I get, the more autistic my tendencies . . .

But our friend Chris was celebrating his birthday with his family at Osaka, a teppanyaki steakhouse, and invited us along. Teppanyaki, I learn, refers to food prepared on a large iron griddle. This is often done table-side with much flourish. Or rather the table is grill-side. The eight of us sat around the edge of the griddle while the chef prepared fried rice, vegetables, and various proteins. The chef is a showman, twirling utensils, setting things artfully on fire, and bantering while cooking for eight people. Everything was excellent. I had filet mignon and calamari. Osaka probably rates as my second favorite calamari preparation. (I realize when I was a kid, I’d often eat the fried chicken at a new restaurant because I knew it was safe. Now, I try the calamari when I can. Growth!) Now, as I mentioned above, I sometimes don’t like going out because things are too loud and too much, but I did okay at Osaka after I settled in and ordered a drink. All in all, it was fun and the food was good and plentiful.

Tonight, we go out to play some pre-season ultimate. Should be fun.


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2 thoughts on “Monday Miscellanea, 10/4/21

  1. That’s funny because we call it hibachi here in NH. The hibachi place in town has great sushi and now I want some. lol. I’ve been on a sushi kick this past month and the kick has apparently not subsided yet! We have only dined in a handful of times. Definitely not interested in being around crowds!

    1. I guess there’s a difference between traditional teppanyaki and hibachi, although I’m not sure restaurants make that distinction. Osaka had a sushi menu too and their rolls sure looked tasty.

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