Monday Miscellanea, 10/11/21


I’m trying out StoryGraph. I don’t have much there at the moment. I thought about waiting until the beginning of the year to start a fresh account, but where’s the fun in that?

Despite it being the #Frightfall read-a-long, I put aside The Blood Countess by Andrei Codrescu. There is a strange disconnect between the narrative voice and the plot events that was not working for me. I’ve moved on to the #RIPXVI read-a-long: Shirley Jackson’s The Sundial, which is a reread for me. (I last read it in 2006, it seems.) Danse Macabre is my morning book. I was just about to reread some stories from Glen Hirshberg’s The Two Sams when I discovered that he had a new collection out. I jumped on that Kindle purchase, already existing TBR be damned!


I’m doing #31HorrorFilms31Days over on Twitter, but I’m not going to post here about all the movies unless they fill some R.I.P. Bingo squares. Maybe I’ll do a top five post near the end of the month.

I caught Midnight Mass before I left Netflix. It was pretty good, I thought, though not quite as creepy as Mike Flanagan’s Hill House adaptation. I’m now watching Ghosts, the BBC comedy. It’s had me giggling. I just realized that there is a new American version. I’ll try it out, I guess.


Right now? Queen. I can’t be spooky all the time . . .

Getting Back to It

Ultimate frisbee league starts tonight for Eric and me. We’re supposed to have 35mph winds ahead of a weather front. Should be fun!

1 thought on “Monday Miscellanea, 10/11/21

  1. Elyse LeMieux

    We are in the midst of Midnight Mass, having just finished Squid Game. We haven’t watched Hill House or Bly Manor yet but those will probably be next. He only wants to watch what other people recommend, not what I heard was good. 🙄🙄 lol


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