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Intentions for 2022

Happy New Year
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The public declaration of goals is sort of a mixed bag for me. It used to keep me on task, but in more recent times, I simply shut up about goals as I fail to reach them. This is partly due to shame, but mostly embarrassment, which is a stronger influence on me. So, why do a 2022 resolutions post? Will it change anything? Probably not. It’s maybe insane. But it’s the ’20s and here we are.

As I often do, I start planning and implementing goals around my birthday, which is in the middle of December. It relieves some of that New Year’s Day pressure, and I figure if I can still be semi-excited about these goals after two weeks, they might stick.


I want to have three short pieces at market or sold by the end of 2022. I am including projects currently in progress, which is maybe a little cheesy. This is a low goal and I’m really okay with that.

What do I have in-progress?

  • Submitting: “Colors of the Sea,” a short story I finished in 2021. Two rejections, thus far.
  • Currently writing: A short story known as “Chess Gothic,” which is currently set in sun-soaked California and now has nothing to do with chess.
  • Currently writing: “Bird Watching Through My Back Window,” a creative nonfiction piece I intend to submit to the Tempe Writing Contest. 2/14/22 deadline.

Entangled Tomes

I want to publish three more Entangled Tomes in 2022; ideally two non-fiction projects and one fiction anthology. I’m currently working on a nicely formatted version of The Marvelous Creations of Joseffy by David P. Abbott.


I’m keeping my reading challenges to a minimum.* Instead, I want to read books I already own. I currently have a TBR stack of 550-ish books that I own, but haven’t read. I want to reduce that number to 525 by the end of 2022.

*Reading events I plan on participating in: