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Unofficial Horror Movie A–Z: The Collector

The Collector

Year: 2009
Runtime: 1h 30m
Rated: R

Director: Marcus Dunstan

Writers: Patrick Melton, Marcus Dunstan

Stars: Josh Stewart, Andrea Roth, Juan Fernández

Double Feature Fodder:
You’re Next (2011) But actually, don’t make it a double feature. Just watch You’re Next.

Initial: Wasn’t aware that there is a Collector franchise and almost watched the second one first. I’d heard that this movie and reality aren’t on speaking terms, so maybe that wouldn’t have hurt the experience.

Production Notes: This is not the 1965 movie based on a John Fowles novel.

What Did I Think:
(spoilers ahead)

Setting: To me it seemed like all the events of this movie took place in, like, a twelve hour period. Dude leaves work, his employers are going on vacation, he goes and talks to his wife and his fence, and then he returns to rob the house. But the insane amount of traps added to the house would take days to put in place. Despite spending the majority of the movie in this house, I never got a good feel for the layout of the building. I also wasn’t a fan of the editing or the excess non-diegetic noises.

Characters: I gave this movie an actual whole star on Letterboxd because I have a soft spot for the thief-with-a-heart trope and I respect non-annoying kid characters. I’m not convinced that Arkin shouldn’t have gotten out of the house to call the cops and let Hannah continue to pull a Newt until backup arrived.

Plot: So . . . why was the house booby-trapped? In the first scene of the movie, a different guy was “collected,” seemingly by being physically over-powered. Skip ahead to the night in question: When Arkin arrives at the house, the Collector already has Mr. and Mrs. Chase. Hannah, the little girl, is somewhere in the house, but if the traps are for her, it’s overkill. Older daughter Jill and her boyfriend wouldn’t have been that hard to deal with when they showed up. Also, why trap the house if the intent is to blow it up? Why did the Collector bring his previous victim along? Did he blow up that guy’s house too? Was the Collector actually waiting for Arkin? (Which I’m not sure makes any sense, but at this point, what does?) I don’t even care why the Collector collects. I’m just confused by the change in MO. Are the traps just because this film was originally pitched as a Saw prequel?

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Monday Miscellanea, 4/4/22

Monday Miscellanea, a look back at the stuff of last week.


cover Essential Ellison by Harlan Ellison
cover Forest for the Trees by Betsy Lerner
cover Curious If True by Elizabeth Gaskell

Last week, read a few Harlan Ellison stories. Still working on Lerner.

Deal Me In, Week 13: 8❤️
“A Witch’s Guide to Escape: A Practical Compendium to Portal Fantasies” by Alix E. Harrow from my Eugie Awards list. Makes me miss the library. Since I’m still not keen on using public transportation if I don’t have to, I haven’t physically been to the library in over two years.

Starting Curious, If True: Strange Tales by Elizabeth Gaskell this week for Spring into Horror and as my Classics Club Spin pick.


I’ve mostly been blogging about the movies I’ve been watching. I will add from my YouTube history:


One of my favorite memories from college is when Kelli rounded Tania and I up to go see her friend Jason’s band play. I had only ever heard Kelli play R&B in her dorm room so I wasn’t sure what to expect. We got ourselves dolled up and headed out, on foot, into downtown Lincoln. And through downtown Lincoln. The address we were looking for wasn’t one of the bars snuggled between a used bookstore and a movie theater, but a squat building with an array of motorcycles out front.

“Kelli,” said Tania, “this is a biker bar.”

“It’ll be fine,” said Kelli. “We’re with the band.”

It was indeed fine and I was introduced to one of the best little blues bands you’ve never heard of: Baby Jason and the Spankers. The video above, from a local public broadcast show, is pretty much contemporary to the story and is queued to one of my favorite songs.


Somehow, my ultimate league keeps winning games. I’m not convinced we’re that good, but who am I to question?

Also started playing Stardew Valley last night. Oh, what a time-suck.

Goal Check-In

Writing & Entangled Tomes

  • Just this morning, a rejection, for “Colors of the Sea.” Sending it back out is now on my to-do list for today/this week.
  • Worked a little on “Chess Gothic (having nothing to do with chess)”.
  • I have planned all the things! (Twice, at least.)

Shelf Maintenance

  • No movement on the Backlog.
  • It’s been 55 days since I last acquired a book.